osm FAQ

Do you offer bulk purchase discounts on osm?

We recommend that you purchase and trial a single license of osm to ensure that osm is right for you. We currently offer the following discounts for subsequent purchases at our discretion:

1-9 licenses, $40 per license
10-19 licenses, $38 per license
20-39 licenses, $35 per license (free installation not included for bulk purchases of 20 or more licenses)
40+ licenses, $32 per license

Please contact us before ordering so that we can enable the correct discount level for your account. The online store only calculates the correct discount based on the number of licenses in the current order, not any past orders.

Is there an ongoing or renewal license for osm?

No. When you purchase a license for osm you can continue to use that license on a single server for the lifetime of the product. During that time, you will be able to upgrade osm free of charge.

Do you install osm?

A single initial default installation is included with purchase of osm. This involves the installation of the product onto the server. It does not include interpretation of reports, or further configuration of the application specific settings.

There is no discount if you choose to install osm yourself.

Can I move osm to a new server and change the IP address it is registered to?

If you are going to retire the server that you initially had osm licensed for or you have been required to change the server's IP address, then the licensed IP address can be changed. There is a web-based system for making a limited number of IP changes per license, after which you will need to contact us to make any further changes. We do not allow IP address changes simply to move the product between different servers. A separate license for each server is required if you wish to use the product on multiple servers.

Do you offer ongoing support for osm?

We offer 7 days of support via our helpdesk from the day your order has been processed for osm. You can use the community support forums for questions about custom configuration of osm.

Who is osm for?

osm is for any server owner using cPanel/DirectAdmin that is concerned about future or active attempts to send out spam email through the server. It targets all the methods available to keep track of outgoing email and SMTP connections. It is designed to be used entirely from the cPanel/DirectAdmin UI, which provides both configuration and viewing of reports generated by a daemon process running continuously on the server.

What level of Linux server management expertise will I need to use osm?

Only limited knowledge is needed to install osm and get it running. It needs to be installed from the root shell, like any third-party application for cPanel/DirectAdmin. We provide simple to understand instructions to install and uninstall the product, together with an intuitive UI for configuring the product and reading the reports.

Will osm prevent exploitation of my server?

osm will not prevent exploitation. However, if you enable reactive actions for reports generated by triggered events, you can prevent further exploitation while you investigate any highlighted issues.

Will osm clean up exploits found on my server?

osm is a reporting and reactive system purely for outgoing spam detection.

Can you interpret my reports for me and tell me what to do?

It is the responsibility of the server administrator to interpret reports from osm, this is not something that we can do for you.

Does the UI provided with osm provide a front-end to all functions of the product?

Yes, osm is controlled entirely via the osm cPanel/DirectAdmin UI.

What problems can arise from using osm?

If osm is restricted to simply storing and emailing of generated reports, then there should be no issues at all from using osm as it will be entirely passive. If you enable reactive measures (such as suspending email from being sent by a particular user) then those actions should be taken into account when weighing the risks against the benefits of such measures.