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MSFE User Self-Help

MSFE Spam Self-Help for Users Here is a list of things you can do to help prevent receiving spam in the first place: Do not use a catchall email account on your domain(s). Only list aliases and POP accounts that…

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MSFE Configuration for Users

MSFE Configuration for Users With the MailScanner service you can control what happens to spam and viruses by changing the configuration in your cPanel control panel. To access the MailScanner configuration options, login to your cPanel account and click on…

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MSFE for Users – Frequently Asked Questions This list of Frequently Asked Questions is provided to help you understand the Mail Scanning Service. MSFE User Help Menu Home | FAQ | MSFE Configuration | Spam Self-Help | Dangerous Attachments

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MailScanner Help for Users

MailScanner Help for Users These pages are provided as a resource for server administrators, to help their customers understand and use the MailScanner system. You can copy these pages and/or modify them for your own users. Please do not link…

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