Free cPanel MailScanner Installer

Please read this whole page before downloading the installer.

Through our experience of installing, configuring and upgrading MailScanner for many clients we have decided to publish our scripts that can be used on a cPanel server to:

  • Install MailScanner
  • Upgrade an existing MailScanner installation (that resides in /usr/mailscanner/)
  • Upgrade an existing MailScanner installation (and use a clean installation of the files)
  • Uninstall MailScanner

For upgrades and uninstallation, this installer will only work with MailScanner installations that were initially performed using this installer.

The installer configures MailScanner with sensible options that will minimize impact on server performance. Do be aware, through, that high email traffic volumes will inevitably cost something in server performance. There are a few additional steps that you can take to minimize this:

  • Don’t use the Default Address (this will help limit exposure to dictionary attacks). Instead create Forwarders to your Mail Accounts for all addresses that you actually use. Do note that if you do this the main account email address will no longer work (quirk of cPanel). To use it, you need to create an actual Mail account called and use that for POP3 access.
  • Use :fail: instead of :blackhole: for your Default or any other Address where you want delivery to fail. This causes email delivery to stop at an early stage (RCPT) before the email actually gets onto your server.

While we’re not aware of any significant bugs, there’s no guarantee or warranty provided with the script. We also do not provide any support for it. If you require support and contact us, there may be a charge for any work or advice provided. If you want support, we offer a service to do it all for you, and more, over here.

You use it at your own risk
While we endeavour to configure MailScanner to be as efficient as possible, the application inevitably uses server resources. Due to this additional load, we recommend caution when installing MailScanner on a server with less than 2GB of memory.

This script has only been tested on cPanel-supported releases of Redhat, CentOS, Ubuntu, CloudLinux and AlmaLinux. There is no support for running on servers running Trustix, FreeBSD, SUSE or any OS that is EOL/obsolete or unsupported by cPanel.

Script installation

1. Login to your root account on your server via SSH.

2. Download the installer, expand it and go into it:

tar -xzf msinstall.tar.gz
cd msinstall/

3. Follow the instructions in the INSTALL.txt file.

4. Please note that the script uses a stable version of MailScanner which might not be the very latest from the developer

5. Once installed/upgraded/uninstalled, make sure that MailScanner is running correctly and that exim is sending and receiving emails, by tailing the appropriate log files:

tail -f /var/log/maillog
tail -f /var/log/exim_mainlog

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That’s it. If you don’t feel confident doing any of this yourself, or if you get into a horrible mess, we offer a package to do it all for you, and more, over here.