cxs Script Installer

Using the cxs Installer Script

Once we have informed you that your license has been activated, you can install cxs.

If using an IPv6 license, replace ipv4 with ipv6 below


First  perform the following in a root shell on your server via SSH:

cd /usr/src
rm -f cxs*
tar -xzf cxsinstaller.tgz
perl ipv4
rm -fv cxsinstaller.*


You must then follow the installation instructions in /etc/cxs/install.txt from step 2 onwards.

If you have successfully changed your licensed IP address via the web-based system you do not need to also contact us to activate the license.

The latest SHA256 checksums of all our products can be downloaded here: checksums.txt

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If you purchase a license or Service Package before the closing date and require installation, please be sure to leave at least 24-48 hours before then for the work to be done. Otherwise, any work will be scheduled for after this period. We will reopen on Thursday, 25th April 2024.