MSFE Script Installer

To install MSFE on cPanel v11.x using the Installer Script your license must be activated for your server’s IP address. When you order the MailScanner Front-End Service, this will be done for you if you provide an IP address on your order form. If you do not provide your server’s IP address with your order, we will send you an email requesting it. If you later need to change the IP address of your license, for example if you are moving to a new server, click here for the web based License Manager.  If you have any questions regarding your license, please contact us.

Once your license has been activated and after you have installed MailScanner itself, perform the following commands in a root shell on your server via SSH:

If using an IPv6 license, replace ipv4 with ipv6 below

cd /usr/src/
rm -fv msfe*
tar -xzf msfeinstaller.tgz
perl ipv4
rm -fv msfeinstaller.*

The latest SHA256 checksums of all our products can be downloaded here: checksums.txt