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Server Management Services from Way to The Web Ltd

We at Way to the Web Limited take your concerns about privacy seriously. We do not provide any of your details to any third party, unless required to by law. All emails, transactions and data that we have is treated as confidential at all times. Here is a breakdown of the information that we keep:


When you browse our website your IP address, the time and duration of your visit, the web browser you are using, and the pages you view are logged. This information is used to compile statistical reports about how you use our website and ultimately used to improve your browsing experience.


All information that you provide on the online HelpDesk is performed securely and encrypted via SSL between your browser and the server. No updates to HelpDesk Support Requests are emailed to you, just notification messages. All this information is stored to provide you with the best support, help and advice that we can give you.


When you purchase a service or product from us, we store information about you that is required to verify, validate, process and maintain your order. This includes your name and contact details together with your payment method details. Data collected at the time of your order within our online store is transferred securely and encrypted via SSL between your browser and our server. We do not store any credit card information as this is handled by third-party processors.